Back to School

Students help each other while moving into their dorms.

School is back in session, so what better time for me to once again revive my blog with monthly updates. What an easy task, right? We’ll see.

I don’t have much to say, except that it is great to have students truly back on campus after the pandemic. Parking spots are harder to find, food lines may be longer, but the life that students bring to campus is worth it. Here are a few of my campus life images of everyone’s first month back on campus.

The breaks through the early morning clouds.
Students relax in the first phase of the Student Union on the first day of classes on August 18, 2021.
Students float in the deep end of the outdoor swimming pool as the dive team practices.
First Year MBA students participate in the Mountain Challenge Ropes Course.
A window washer cleans the press box inside Neyland Stadium before the first home game.
Students play spike ball during the freshman picnic held at the Humanities Plaza.
The shape of the Power T class photo begins to dissolve as students rush for the exits once everything was over.
High school sweethearts ride a scooter along Ped walkway during Big Orange Friday.
A grad student concentrates while studying in a lab inside Strong Hall.
Future moves are calculated during a serious game of oversized Connect 4.