September 2020

It’s December and I am creating a post about photos made in September. Man, that seems like it was so long ago. I don’t have much of an introductory paragraph, just simply sharing photos of the month as I try to catch up on my blog post as a campus photographer at the University of Tennessee.

A student goes for a one hand dunk on an outdoor basketball court behind Hess Hall.
An outdoor class is held at the Humanities Amphitheatre.
The sunrises over the Tennessee River and Henley Street Bridge.
Portrait of a nursing student to be featured in the college’s magazine.
Early morning workouts on Tom Black Track.
A kayak class practices rolling in the outdoor pool.
A tennis player reacts to a serve going out of bounds.
A student completes a workout on the turf fields at the Student Recreational and Fitness Center.
A co-worker scouts around a construction site for a possible magazine cover.