Higher Education Photography Award

The University Photographers’ Association of America is a special organization that is made up of higher education photographers in the United States and internationally. While most of the members are staff or full-time photographers at a college or university, luckily for me, they do allow freelancer photographers to join as associate members. One of the benefits that we receive as an associate member is to enter in the personal vision category of their monthly contest. The cool thing about this photography contest is that you are judged by your peers. Members go in and rate each photo entered. If a member does not vote on every single photo, all of their other votes will be voided.

The results are in for the 2017 UPAA February monthly contest. I was able to take home second place in the personal vision category. The only requirement for this category is that the photo is made during the previous month. This being the case, it is a very tough category because you are competing against a huge variety of photography styles from different genres.