100 Best of the Decade – Part 2

Students work in the newly constructed the William M. Bass Forensic Anthropology Building for the University of Tennessee. This was my first experience working with the Anthropology Department. Lucky, I have had the opportunity to continue to cover more of their research.
In 2007, Jack Miser, of Sweetwater, TN, began trying to get Bank of America to modify his mortgage after a local auto parts factory closed and he lost his job. After more than a year of dead ends and red tape, Jack and his wife found a lawyer who successfully challenged the paper trail the bank relied on to prove they owned the Misers note. In the resulting settlement, the bank agreed to new loan terms that cut their payments and allowed them to keep their home. The Misers were very sweet people. They even sent me home with some fish out of their freezer. You don’t get better people than that.
Josh and Phyllis Callison, are amazed by the growing iceberg outside Captain’s Bridge at the Titanic Museum Attraction, in Pigeon Forge, TN. Photographed for USA Today on a story about he 100 year anniversary of the Titanic sinking.
I was part of a team that created the promotional material for Dollywood’s newest coaster, the Wild Eagle. We spent three days photographing the new coaster in every way possible. This is the most recognizable image from the photoshoot. It has been on billboards, internet, merchandise, print materials and beyond. While this was the most recognizable image for the photoshoot, my most memorable part was being put on top of a 120 foot lift to get the coster flying at the camera. FYI, I do not like heights and I believe I left hand prints in the rails of the lift. photo shoot for promotions. Photos by
Kids splash and play at the newly opened Geysers Tower at Stone Mountain Park during a lifestyle advertising photo shoot. I have always loved the model’s reactions and spraying of water off of her hair.
Dr. Harold Pryor, 92 years old, was the first community college president in the state of Tennessee.
Portrait of Tennessee starting nose tackle Daniel McCullers for USA Today in front of Ayres Hal on top of The Hill. McCullers is 6-8, 380 pounds. I setup and made this portrait in less than 5 minutes, as he waited on a bus after a class.
My first attempt at photographing food. I prefer to photograph things that can talk back to me, but sometimes I am asked to step outside of my comfort zone. Luckily, sushi is a beautiful food to photograph.
A senior portrait session in Townsend, TN at the edge of the Smoky Mountains. She had so much style it was hard to pick a favorite.
Nothing better than the love of a brother and sister. I photographed these twins since they were tiny and they never disappoint.
Roy Kramer, former SEC commissioner, at his home in Vonore, TN for SportsBusiness Journal. He was the nicest guy with so many stories. My favorite was when he was the AD at Vanderbilt. A little startup tv station asked to record and rebroadcast their game against Georgia. As a part of the deal they got to hang their banner during the game. That little station was ESPN.
If I haven’t mentioned, even thought I do them, I am not a fans of heights. For one assignment I had to ride a zip-line with my camera gear to take point of view perspectives. When going across the longest stretch of line, I did not make it to the end platform. So I gently rolled back out to the middle of the line. I hung there 250ft in the air, while my guide had to come out and pull me back to the platform.
I love making senior photo session in obvious places. Finding the right angle and light gives a country feel even thought this was in the heart of Knoxville.
An online university lifestyle advertising photoshoot in Nashville, TN. This was one of the worker inside the location we were shooting. She had such a great look! I couldn’t help but grab her for a few frames.
Portrait of Herman Lathers for an annual report. This was my favorite from the portrait session. I knew this would be a stretch outside of the client’s comfort zone. They ultimately went with a safer image with his shirt on.
A student stands on the Rock at University of Tennessee for the cover of an annual report. I had accidentally left a full CTO gel on my strobe from a previous shoot. It ended up working out great to warm up the model and add some extra blue to the sky. Not all accidents are bad. 🙂
Advertising photos for the opening of River Rush at Dollywood Splash Country. The waterslide takes riders uphill with linear induction motors, and throws them down huge drops just like a land coaster.
One of the things I do that many people never see are service award photos. They are all pretty much straight forward. Then sometimes you get a great reaction when an older lady tells the CEO how attractive he is.
Finding nice light in-between scenes is always a bonus. It also helps to have a little model that is always on cue. This is from an advertising lifestyle photoshoot with The Spining Group for FoxFire Mountain in Sevierville, TN.
One of the few guy senior photo sessions I have photographed. Like many guys, Dylan was doing this for his mom. This was shot inside Knoxville, and can not be recreated because a retail business now stands in that exact spot.